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Clarify your brand message

so that users, investors and your parents understand what you do 

Hands-on branding and marketing consulting for founders, startups and incubators. 

Hey Founder, you've gotten this far! Don't let branding and marketing be the reason why your business doesn't take off.

A confusing brand message is slowing down your growth and leading potential investors and customers to:

  • Visit your website and quickly give up 

  • Purchase from your competitors

  • Lose trust in your brand

What you do sounds complicated

but it doesn't have to be.

If you're a startup founder or an incubator looking to support your founders - my program and services are designed to help you untangle the jargon and be understood by your audience.

Let's get to work!

Kareem from Tryps saw a 70% increase in web traffic and 2,000 new Instagram followers within 4 months

"It felt like we were living under a big marketing cloud. Liane lifted the fog for us. The Brand Clarity Program forced us to clarify how we talk about our product. It was a game-changer for us."

Sarah from Alli doubled her revenue every month since implementing changes from the program

"Our marketing was going above people's heads. Liane's brand clarity program pushed us to target a niche audience and nail down our messaging. We started working together through the DMZ incubator and have now brought her on as our fractional CMO."

Jaime from Worksimply made pivotal product changes based on insights that surfaced from clarifying his brand

"In the process of workshopping the brand, we realized what tweaks needed to be made to our core product in order to bring real value to our users. The program went beyond branding and addressed root issues in our product."


CMO Support

***Booked until July 2023


Wishing you could hand over the strategy and team coaching to someone who could just *own it*? I work with your team to steer the ship back on track and coach them into becoming the marketing team you've been waiting for.​

  • Designed for: Startups and incubators 

  • Approach: Virtual or in-person sessions over Zoom​

  • Time commitment: Minimum of 3 months

You’re solving real world problems for people

Let’s make sure they really get it

Book a discovery call

& tell me about your pain points

A 30 min call dedicated to you telling me about your business. It will feel like therapy but I can't prescribe meds.

Strategize, Untangle, Edit

and Polish

I roll up my sleeves and dive into the nitty gritty of your business so that your branding and marketing start doing the selling for you. 

Connect with customers and

grow your business

Feel confident speaking about your business and attract customers who understand your value from the jump!

Hi! I'm Liane

I bring 10 years of branding and startup experience to your door

I'm a two-time founder with a very special spot in my heart for entrepreneurs. I've been in your shoes, and I know what it's like to reach out for support and be met with a high level consultant who gives you 2 cents. What can we get with 2 cents? Nada.

I offer hands-on consulting for early startups who need guidance and accountability to complete one of the most imperative tasks - the branding and marketing for their business.


With 10 years of experience running my own marketing agency and almost 2 years of consulting for tech startups at Ryerson's Digital Media Zone (DMZ), I've become exceptionally passionate about helping technology founders get out of the weeds and tell a clearer, simpler story.

Brands who clearly communicate the problem they solve for the end user will win in the marketplace. I have a process that is tailored to help early startups win.

Why does it feel so hard to get your branding to feel *just* right?

You've got the 'the curse of knowledge'! You know way more about your product than anyone else - making it super challenging to objectively examine the clarity and simplicity in your communications.

I'll help you get just enough distance from your product and develop language and visuals that make your audience think 'where have you been all my life?'

Get a head start by answering 6 questions that will bring immediate clarity to your startup.


Two-Time Founder

Co-founder of marketing/production agency est. in 2013 with successful exit in 2020

Incubator Consultant

Expert in Resident (EiR) at the DMZ, Toronto Metropolitan University

​Storybrand Certified

Certified as a storybrand marketer, a proven marketing framework to drive business 

Get clear on your customer's pain points 

Find the right words to engage them

Feel good knowing you're doing it all 'right' 

The Brand Clarity Program

This program is known for having lots of 'light bulb' moments. The series of foundational exercises will bring clarity to your brand and confidence to your team. I'll guide you through every step of the process and keep you accountable to ensure the critical work around your branding and marketing gets crossed off from your To-Do list.

  • Designed for: Startups and incubators 

  • Approach: Series of virtual workshops over Zoom​

  • Time commitment: 3-4 weeks 

Shoutout to my incubators!

When your startups succeed, you succeed. Let’s get founders the support they really need.

Pre-seed founders need more tangible support than what consultants typically provide. 

With constantly evolving MVPs and limited resources, I'm a huge believer that branding and marketing support is only useful to busy founders if it is clearnimble and easy to implement


"Liane’s hands-on and collaborative approach as our brand and marketing consultant has been invaluable for startups she’s supported at the DMZ. Her expertise in helping tech founders navigate complexities in their communications and tell a clearer story has significantly contributed to their success, winning them more business."

- Abdullah Snobar, CEO of DMZ Toronto Metropolitan University

Common questions I get from startup founders

  1. I have multiple audiences, who should the homepage speak to?

  2. We’re building with AI - does the audience care to know more about the tech?

  3. My product keeps changing, should I hold off on making marketing changes?

Ask me all of your burning questions and leave the untangling to me!

The clients and founders I support

Power Hours 

A 1-hour video session dedicated to providing you tangible feedback around any of your branding and marketing uncertainties. This is a rapid and focused session that leaves you with actionable ways to improve asap.

  • Designed for: Founders and startups

  • Approach: Virtual over Zoom

  • Time commitment: 1 hour (can be extended) 

  • Cost: $200 per hour

Strategic Copywriting

Why does writing copy for our own businesses feel brain-bending? Finding the right words to explain a complicated idea is super, super hard. I use the Storybranding framework to produce clear and compelling copy. ​

  • Elevator pitches

  • Website copy

  • Email campaigns

  • Lead generators

  • Pitch decks 

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